We’re rushing through the list of artists who will ensure a trip beyond your wildest imagination. Explore them in all their maniacal glory and prepare for the final phase that completes our full weekend line-up, next week Tuesday! 🤩

Abaddon & MC Raise pres. Fallen Angel LIVE x Abaddon vs Manifest Destiny vs Unproven x Aversion x AVIO LIVE (Classics) x Da Tweekaz x Digital Punk (Classics) x Dr. Peacock – Album Showcase LIVE x Envine x Frequencerz (Classics) x Frontliner (Classics) x Gunz for Hire Welcome To Sin City x High Voltage (Classics) x Inpulsa x Jeffrey Heesen x JNXD x Kruelty x Kruelty vs So Juice x Max Enforcer (Classics) x MC Activate x MC Focus x MC Raise x Mish x Mutilator & Anderex pres: Neon Future LIVE x Noisecult (Classics) x Regain x Sickmode x Sickmode & Mish pres. RAVE LOVE x SMÈRRIG Diskjochies x The Straikerz pres. Jackpot Live x Turfy Gang LIVE x Voidax x Warface R.I.P. Rave From The Grave x Wasted Penguinz x Zelecter (Classics)

Prepare yourself for over 200 harder styles artists spread across 3 days and 18 incredible areas! Find all acts and in which area they play on our website..

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