Whatsup, this is Vertile and today I’m doing an interview for Rebirth Festival. I’m really excited for the party and I hope so are you, you can read all about my plans down below! Hope to see you all there at Rebirth!

Where did you get your inspiration for the anthem from?

The inspiration for my anthem came from my love for hardstyle and the feeling of unity that the genre brings. I wanted to create a track that would energize and connect the crowd, and I drew inspiration from the electrifying atmosphere of festivals.

What did you think of the crowd’s reaction when you first played Ready for Lift-off?

The crowd’s reaction to Ready for Lift-off was incredible! I had all the hands go up at that moment, I wasn’t really expecting that.

On Saturday you will be playing the anthem showcase, what can people expect of this set?

I indeed will be doing the anthem showcase. Also, i am going to launch my brand new live act there at the mainstage, which is going to be so exciting i can already feel the excitement typing this haha. I will be doing something there that I think nobody has ever done before in our scene, so be sure to be there on Saturday.

Who do you think is a worthy successor for next year?

As for who I think will be a worthy successor, I have to say Adjuzt. But who knows who could be lurking to be the next talent ;).

If you would actually be ready for lift-off, what planet would you travel to?

If I could really blast off into space and travel to another planet, I think I’d choose Saturn. Space in general interests me. but there’s just something about the beauty and mystery of that planet that really captivates me.

If there would be alien life out there, how would you think they would respond to your music?

I would absolutely love it if aliens out there somewhere were grooving to my music! Who knows, maybe they have their own form of hardstyle that we haven’t even heard yet haha.

You will be playing 4 sets during our festival weekend, how do you prepare for all those sets?

Friday i will be playing at the pre-party to launch Rebirth and also the season, which is gonna be exciting to finally go outside again, playing some older and new tracks of me and colleagues. Saturday I will be playing my Dimension set at the mainstage, which is gonna be really really exciting. Sunday me and Rebelion will be preparing our second ever back to back ever, going to be really interesting! An last but not least i will be playing the afterparty at the camping.

What does the kick off of the festival season mean to you?

To me, the kick off of the festival season is like a breath of fresh air. It’s a time to shed the winter blues and come together with friends old and new to celebrate life, summer and music.

Is there any track of yourself which you are most proud of?

Choosing a favorite track of my own is like picking a favorite child – they’re all special in their own way! But if I had to choose, I would say that “No Sleep” and “Still Happy” are two tracks that really capture my personality and style.

What kind of music do you listen to besides hardstyle? Do you have any ‘guilty pleasures’?

Really love alternative styles, Rock, Indie, early post-hardcore, a lot of the “warped tour” kind of bands from that erra. But also pop and artists like Skrillex is something i can really enjoy.

Do you have a favorite memory of REBiRTH Events?

One of my best memories of REBiRTH Events was definitely last year. After all the uncertainty and chaos of the pandemic, it was such a relief and a joy to be able to come together with fans and fellow artists to share in the love of hardstyle once again.

The purpose of this interview was to get to know you a bit better, so to close this one off we were wondering if there is anything people don’t know about you? An unusual habit, maybe a thing people don’t expect from you? We’re curious!

I’m not that much of a party animal haha, even though It might seem like that. From time to time I like to be in the crowd for a bit though.

Thanks for taking the time to read this interview with me. I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better and are as excited as I am for Rebirth Festival. Let’s make it an unforgettable experience! See you all soon. ❤️