Only 4 weeks to go until the doors of REBiRTH Festival – Ready For Lift Off open! We have many special acts during the 3-day kickoff of the festival season but Gunz for Hire with the premiere of their new live act will be really extraordinary! For these reasons, we asked them what we can expect from their set!

You’re about to introduce a brand new live act at REBiRTH Festival. Called “Baddest on the block”. What makes ‘Baddest on the Block’ different from your other live shows?

You can expect a lot, music- and visual wise. As always, we will set the bar higher when we have a new tour. We are now working on a next level intro and trailer for the tour and a videoclip for the BOTB track. We are working with a very experienced video crew and start shooting soon.

This tour we have a lot of fresh music, we worked our asses of in the studio. With Gunz we are theme- and vibe wise also going back to our darker roots with some tracks. It feels really fresh with a new sound design and more raw modern kicks.

How did you two come up with the name for your new show? 

The theme of this tour “Baddest on the Block” comes from a brand-new track we did with rapper GLDY LX. We made the track and thought, this is spot on for your new ideas and tourname!

What can we expect to see besides new tracks? 

You can expect a video intro that will shock your senses, new fresh visuals, guest appearances by vocalists that we worked with and lots of entertainment on stage. Experience it for yourself!

In what way will your new show influence the future of Gunz for Hire? 

Music wise you will hear what we told you before that we found new inspiration for darker tracks and for the rest we just produce what feels right to us in the studio. It will be hard raw and fierce, we are totally ready for the future!

Does your new show have an engaging storyline like you’ve had with previous live shows? If so, what can you tell us about it? 

We don’t want to spoil anything, you will see it at Rebirth, it’s the worldwide premiere.

We know your real identities as Ran-D & Adaro, but do your individual Gunz for Hire personas have their own unique aliases as well? 

More about the origins story of G4H will come in a future tour.

 Let’s say you both lived on the same block. Who would be seen as the baddest by your neighbours and why? 

We would probably both be seen as the baddest, cause we’re really good at making noise the whole fucking day. We don’t think any neighbours could cope with our kick violence for long, let alone our criminal side activities ;-D hahahah

Imagine that your career choice of being a gun for hire wouldn’t have worked out and you were forced to switch careers, what would’ve been your plan B? 

Other activities that could not stand the light of day.

How would you guys describe your own personal connection with REBiRTH Festival? 

We created amazing memories together with Rebirth Festival. We’ve been there multiple times and always it was one of the biggest highlights of the festival season. Last year was maybe one of our fav gigs ever and we are planning to top this one together with you! See you there!

Gunz for Hire will play on our Saturday Mainstage, the last tickets are available in our ticketshop! Grab them while they last to not miss this new liveact!