There’s an infinite amount of new things to explore on the first full festival day of our weekend experience. Previous visitors all agree: this is the perfect way to kick off your festival season! ☄️

⍟ Festival doors open 2 hours earlier at 14:00 hours!

That means 2 more hours of intergalactic harder styles entertainment on our green fields of happiness and a full festival day on Friday!

⍟ Extra area: REBORN RAW

Is RAW all you need? Don’t worry, we’re adding a dedicated new RAW Hardstyle area on Friday for unlimited kicks flying past your ears like meteors.

⍟ Extra area: REVENGE x RESiST

Do you crave the need for hyperspeed? We will also add a dedicated Hardcore & Uptempo area so you can go wild the whole weekend. This also means we have a total of 3 stages with the best hardstyle, RAW, hardcore & uptempo.

⍟ Residence Campsite opens at 11:00

When we say full festival day, we mean it. On Friday, April 14 our campsite doors open at 11:00 so you can drop your stuff, set up your tent and enter the unknown.


After the incredible success of this year’s edition, we’re going to blow you to the moon with even more epic new stuff during the Saturday of REBiRTH Festival 2023. Ready for lift off?

⍟ REBELLiON & RESiST will get even bigger!

The love for RAW & Uptempo keeps growing larger and you made yourself clear, so naturally, we decided to upgrade both areas for a maximized and full-force experience for the absolutely dedicated.

⍟ A special ‘Lift Off Show’ on the mainstage

Our intergalactic adventure reaches new heights during a mysterious and eye-blinding opening show that will truly kick off the 2023 festival season.

⍟ REBORN Euphoric moves to Saturday

Great news for all lovers of melodic hardstyle, the REBORN Euphoric area moves to our 2nd day. Does that mean there’s no Euphoric on Sunday? Don’t worry, we have Euphoric news coming up soon!

⍟ More fun & entertainment on the campsite

Wake up or stay awake with even more fun activities and music from your favourite artists during an exclusive afterparty on the campsite. Can’t sleep? No problem, we got you covered all weekend long!


Get ready to enter our spaceship and leave the ship on perhaps our biggest festival day ever. Everyone knows the REBiRTH Festival Sunday is for the dedicated and this time we have many upgrades waiting for you!

⍟ Incredible new hosting on the Mainstage 👽

We’re insanely proud of the brand-new host for our Sunday Mainstage. We can’t reveal too much yet, but we’re confident this will blow you to the edge of the galaxy.

⍟ Extra area: REVELATiON

After a sold out first show in 013 Tilburg, REVELATiON will be added as a new area to our Sunday. It features a selection of euphoric and raw names that will fulfil your every hardstyle need.

⍟ #BeetjeDansen & Feest Arena combine forces

Instead of 2 separate areas, you can expect a massive celebration with the best Urban and Party acts in one crazy area where confetti, beer and big hits will be flying all day.

⍟ RELEASE moves to Sunday

Talents have always been an important part of REBiRTH Festival and naturally they return at the kick off of our festival season. This time you can discover the future of our scene on Sunday, together with some of the contestants of the Road to the REBiRTH Mainstage DJ contest (more info soon!).

⍟ Join the pre-party for an energy boost

Start the final day of REBiRTH Festival in the best way possible with our pre-party at the REBiRTH Residence Campsite featuring a number of highly energetic artists for a much needed boost.

All area's per day


▲ REBiRTH Pre-party 

(RAW) Hardstyle and more


Hardcore and Uptempo


RAW Hardstyle


▲ REBiRTH Mainstage 

(RAW) Hardstyle


RAW Hardstyle


Hardcore and harder


RAW Hardstyle




Hardstyle Classics

▲ REBORN Euphoric

Euphoric Hardstyle


▲ REBiRTH Mainstage hosted by …

(RAW) Hardstyle


(Euphoric & RAW) Hardstyle


Hardcore and Uptempo

▲ #BeetjeDansen

Urban and party


RAW Hardstyle Classics


Talent stage