Every edition, we strive to meet the expectations of our REBiRTH Festival visitors even better. With new weekend upgrades every year, we can optimise REBiRTH so that you have the best festival experience of a lifetime! Check out all the upgrades and which areas are back at REBiRTH Festival 2024 below.

Camping Upgrades

Our REBiRTH Residents all agree: this is the ultimate way to kick off your festival season!

Upgrades & bigger Campsite parties

Pre- & afterparties on our Residence Campsite always pack a legendary vibe. To make sure everyone is able to fully enjoy it, we made them longer and larger with even more artists to keep your interstellar heart pounding!

Exclusive campsite opening show

Our Residents mean the world to us and to show that we’ve constructed an exclusive show on Saturday, for campsite guests 𝗼𝗻𝗹𝘆. We won’t tell you much yet, but prepare to be amazed because this will be HUGE!

Many upgrades across the 3-day festival weekend

By staying on our campsite you automatically get to enjoy every single upgrade we made at both the campsite and festival site. More artists, more special acts and much more!

Friday Upgrades

We’re breaking sound barriers and soar through wormholes to deliver you the greatest Friday experience in the history of REBiRTH Festival. You ready? Buckle up and prepare for a thrilling ride across our new home!

Extended opening hours of our pre-party Mainstage 💣

The pre-party mainstage will open 2 hours earlier at 14:00 hours! More hours means more time for partying, making the Friday of REBiRTH Festival a true and complete 3rd day of our weekend adventure!

We extend to 4 incredible areas to explore

In 2024 our Friday will feature not only the Pre-party Mainstage, the REVENGE x RESiST with the best hardcore & uptempo and the REBORN RAW stage, but is joined by the brand-new Road to REBiRTH stage. This also means are well known DJ contest will return in 2024! 🤩

New area: Road to REBiRTH 🚀

The latest addition to our Friday offers a selection of the best hardstyle talents and rising stars. Our journey into space searches for a better tomorrow and that’s exactly what these future heroes will bring…

Upgraded line-up for all stages 😵

A full festival day requires even more attention and care to the line-up. That’s why we’ve made sure to make the list of performing artists & shows on Friday even greater than before.

Saturday Upgrades

We’ve made sure every aspect of our Saturday expedition is perfectly tuned. Explore our new home of Harder Styles and take a deep breath as these upgrades will blow your mind! 🤯

An upgraded mainstage experience 🚀

Just like every edition, our REBiRTH Festival Mainstage will feature only the best and newest live- and special acts! That’s why we are going to fully optimise our mainstage to make sure there is enough space for all our adventurers!

☉ The RESiST Uptempo area gets bigger

Uptempo maniacs, we want to warn you that on our planet nothing is what it seems… But one thing is sure: we are expanding the RESiST area to have even more space for the wicked! 👽

The Kick Off Show returns

The ultimate show to kick off your festival season was a massive hit, so it will return in 2024! Get ready for more stargazing, eye-blinding lights surrounding you and maybe we have some other surprises… 👀

Sunday Upgrades

You want upgrades? We got ‘em! The Sunday of REBiRTH Festival has always been considered to be for the true fanatics and 2024 will be no exception. Find out why! 👇🏼

REBELLiON Stage opens on Sunday 🤩

YES! We have lost count of how many visitors ask us every year if we can open the REBELLiON stage on our Sunday. But the time has finally come, for the very first time, we will open the giant REBELLiON stage on Sunday! This way we can provide our RAW maniacs with even more of their favourite music from Friday morning to Sunday night. 💣

New area on Sunday: RESiST 🔥

Our Sunday outdoor stage will be upgraded for the best experience for everyone for whom it can’t go hard enough! We’re adding the RESiST area on Sunday featuring a mix of the best Uptempo and Hardcore.

New Mainstage hosting by a leading act

It has become a tradition at REBiRTH Festival and we push ourselves to find an even more incredible hosting for our Sunday Mainstage every edition! We are insanely proud of this new hosting and we can’t wait to reveal it to the world! More information to follow soon! 👀

All area's per day


▲ REBiRTH Pre-party 

(RAW) Hardstyle and more


Hardcore and Uptempo


RAW Hardstyle

▲ Road to REBiRTH

DJ Contest Stage


▲ REBiRTH Mainstage 

(RAW) Hardstyle


RAW Hardstyle


Hardcore and harder


RAW Hardstyle




Hardstyle Classics

▲ REBORN Euphoric

Euphoric Hardstyle


▲ REBiRTH Mainstage hosted by …

(RAW) Hardstyle


RAW Hardstyle


(Euphoric & RAW) Hardstyle


Uptempo and Hardcore

▲ #BeetjeDansen

Urban and party


RAW Hardstyle Classics

▲ Road to REBiRTH

DJ Contest Stage

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