As the year is coming to an end we look ahead with much excitement to April 14, 15 & 16, the exact moment we all get to head out into the sun again and create new memories that will last a lifetime. Have you ever been to REBiRTH Festival or will this be your first time? We’ve lined up some of the facts that will definitely seduce you into coming over and living your best life possible for 3 full days!


We know all too well that everything in life gets more expensive. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to bring out the highest level of entertainment with the current REBiRTH Festival ticket price. You deserve the very best and we fully believe that you can’t get this amount of harder styles madness starting at €37,95 anywhere else in the world! Go and check out the full line-up, watch our aftermovie and see for yourself. You cannot miss this. Go to the ticketshop >


We have Single-Day Tickets & 2-Day Tickets, but we see that look in your eyes. You’re looking for non-stop harder styles sensation from Friday afternoon until Monday morning. Well, you’ve come to the right place my friend! 

Throw down your tent on our perfect Residence Campsite with all the facilities you could wish for and the party starts immediately. Looking for your favorite act? We’ve got 180+ acts, featuring the best of hardstyle, raw, hardcore, uptempo & much more all packed into 3 full days and 16 areas across the weekend, including pre-parties & afterparties on our campsite. 


Join the weekend festival lifestyle and camp exactly the way you like! Bring your own tent, pick one of our accommodations, from budget-friendly to luxurious glamping. Or book one of our friendscamps with up to 26 people for the weekend festival of a lifetime. Meet your favourite artists, party at our exclusive pre- and afterparties, join all-day activities and make new friends for life!

Enjoy heated bath houses, chill-outs, games, a cinema and much more for you to discover, our campsite has everything a ravers heart desires for a weekend to remember forever. Last year our REBiRTH Residence Campsite was completely sold out, so we kindly advise you to stop waiting and start taking action!


REBiRTH Festival has always been, still is and will continue to be the official kick off of your festival season. As soon as the sun has started to heat up the earth once again, we start building our harder styles paradise on our green fields of happiness. 

Winters are long and cold, so each year the start of the outdoor season calls for a massive celebration. Finally we can go out into the open again, meet friends, discover new music and drink that beer looking over the REBiRTH skyline. If only it was April 14 already!


As we just said, REBiRTH is the first outdoor festival of your festival season. With 16 different areas spread out across 3 full days, we’ve got numerous tents from intimate to massive and of course our powerful outdoor stage for the true die-hards! Looking for a party in the sun or day-time shows with eye-blinding lights & laser shows? We’ve got an area for everything!

Stroll across our green fields, go for some drinks out in the sun or hang back in one of our chill spots. We know rave Kings & Queens sometimes need to recharge, there’s no shame in that and we’ve arranged everything for a quick recovery!


We thought it wouldn’t be possible, but we’ve arranged even more artists in 2023 than ever before. Just think about it, can you even name 180+ different acts from memory?! Because that’s exactly how many epic DJ’s, producers and musicians we have lined up for you on April 14, 15 & 16.

Ranging from Angerfist to D-Block & S-te-Fan and from Dimitri K to Rebelion, if you’re in love with harder styles you’ll definitely fall in love with REBiRTH Festival. There’s an area (or multiple) for everything so if you want to stick to your roots and stay at the same place all day or go explore and broaden your musical horizons, we encourage you to do whatever suits you. Here, you just can’t go wrong, whatever your choice!


We know artists like Rebelion, Gunz for Hire and N-Vitral are great, but you know what would be even better? Getting them to play exclusive and new live shows! We know, genius right? So that’s why we’ve got 40+ insane live showcases and special acts across our 3-day weekend. 

Rebelion OVERDOSE, Rooler & Sickmode: The Gang LIVE, Vertile’s Dimension, the list goes on and on. And let’s not forget we’ve also got brand new never seen before shows by artists like Gunz for Hire, Ran-D and Phuture Noize. We’re so excited to show you everything, it’s almost too much for you to experience!


Our REBiRTH Festival Mainstage is famous for the artist hosting on Sunday. This year we’ve asked Warface, one of the leading names in RAW, to dedicate himself to a day of the biggest extreme sounds. Besides battles with Deadly Guns and Rooler he will also play a Classics set and a live set. And of course he’s invited some of his closest friends, so get ready for Rebelion vs Vertile, D-Sturb, E-Force and much more!


You can experience your favorite harder styles all weekend. No matter if you’re more into RAW or Uptempo, there’s not a day of REBiRTH Festival where you can’t max out to your favorite artists. Starting on Friday with 3 different areas, we wake up from a good night’s rest (or perhaps a few minutes of shut-eye) to dive into our 7 different areas on Saturday and 6 more areas on Sunday. We like to shake things up a bit so make sure to read our floorplan carefully if you want to experience REBiRTH Festival to the fullest. 

Are you a fan of Euphoric? Do you love the Classics? Perhaps a bit harder with RAW or go all out with the heaviest noise such as Uptempo? As we said before, we’ve got an area (or multiple) for everything so ravers eat your heart out!


A new edition means a new wave of upgrades to maximize your REBiRTH Festival experience once again. Check out the list below:


⍟ Festival doors open 2 hours earlier at 14:00 hours!

⍟ Extra area: REBORN RAW

⍟ Extra area: REVENGE x RESiST

⍟ Residence Campsite opens at 11:00


⍟ REBELLiON & RESiST will get even bigger!

⍟ A special ‘Lift Off Show’ on the mainstage

⍟ REBORN Euphoric moves to Saturday

⍟ More fun & entertainment on the campsite


⍟ Incredible new hosting on the Mainstage

⍟ Extra area: REVELATiON

⍟ #BeetjeDansen & Feest Arena combine forces

⍟ RELEASE moves to Sunday


This one speaks for itself. Imagine being stuck inside your house for months because of the cold all winter long and finally being able to head out and party again in the bright sun? Sounds like heaven, right? That’s why we always see an ocean of smiling faces, arms waving, voices shouting and legs jumping all weekend at REBiRTH Festival. 

There’s something about the vibe here that just feels unique. Whatever it is, we love it, can’t stop loving it and want you to experience it too!