We’re thrilled to reveal the final phase of our line-up, completing the insane selection of over 170(!) ground-breaking live shows, ear-shattering battles and more on April 8, 9 & 10.

A-Rize vs. JGSW | Aversion pres. The Essentials | Basspunkz | Billx | Bizzey | D-Sturb | D-Sturb LIVE Anthem Showcase | D-Sturb vs. Vertile | Deluzion | Digital Punk vs. Voidax | DJ Thera vs. Geck-o CLASSICS | DRS | ENVINE presents: Melodica (live) | Invector | KELTEK | Malice | MC DL | Mutilator LIVE | PL4Y | Shockwave | Sickmode | Spitnoise | T-Go | Unresolved | Vertile pres. Vertile’s Dimension | Villain DJ Set

Check the full line-up to see which day & stage your favourite artists will be performing on!

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