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REBiRTH Festival Day 1, Friday 08-04-2022, 04 PM – 01 AM
REBiRTH Festival Day 2, Saturday 09-04-2022, 12 PM – 12 AM
REBiRTH Festival Day 3, Sunday 10-04-2022, 01 PM – 11 PM

Please note: the entrance closes on Friday and Saturday at 10 p.m. and on Sunday at 9 p.m., after this time it is no longer possible to enter the festival.

The Rebirth Residence campsite opens on Friday 08-04-2022 at 02 PM.


The minimum age for entrance is set down as 17. Legitimation in the form of a valid ID card, passport or driving lisence is compulsory. See our house rules for more information. By visiting the Rebirth Festival you agree with our house rules.


Rebirth Festival takes place at the festival site at the Raamse Akkers in Haaren. From the national trunk road (N65), the visitors will be guided to the location via signs.


Sleeping at a campsite not for you? Still want to enjoy a weekend of REBiRTH Festival? Book a room in one of our available hotels! More information will be available later!!


Do you have any questions and/or remarks about REBiRTH Festival? Contact us directly via our Facebook Messenger or send an e-mail to


Do you have a question regarding your ticket? Check our FAQ for the answer. Is your question not listed in our FAQ? Then contact our ticketing partner Paylogic.

Rebirth Residence Camping

Do you want to spend the night at REBiRTH Festival? This is possible! Enjoy three full days of partying, from Friday to Sunday, at our REBiRTH Residence campsite!

We have arranged everything to make REBiRTH Festival your ultimate weekend experience, with numerous activities such as a pre-party, silent disco, movie theater and raw workout. Set up your own tent or grab one of our accommodations. To increase the fun, you can gather your festival squad and claim your spot at the Friends Camp!


During the festival, food and drinks can only be bought with festival tokens. It’s not possible to buy food and drinks with cash. There will be cash desks in various areas at the festival site, where you can buy festival tokens with cash or a payment card (Maestro / MasterCard / VISA / Credit Card).


We try to provide a perfect signal for all visitors. Unfortunately, we depend on the Dutch mobile signal providers. This year KPN will place an extra signal tower on the festival site, because of which the capacity of the local network will increase.


There are lockers present where you can store your coat and personal possessions. These will be accessible during the event. Buy your locker voucher easily and quickly in advance through our ticket shop.


If you have any questions about alcohol and/or drugs then you can come to the stand of Unity for tips and an explanation. The Unity employees are happy to talk to you.


There is a first aid post at the festival site. Medical officers can also be found walking around the festival site. Feeling unwell? Then go to the first aid post, they can help you. If you presume someone has used too many drugs/too much alcohol then consult someone of security, first aid or the organization.


It’s smart to wear earplugs during the festival. If you don’t have any then it would be wise to buy some. Earplugs can be bought at the festival at the merchandise stand. Don’t forget to give your ears some rest occasionally and don’t stand too close to the speakers. This way you can enjoy the music without suffering later on.


You’re allowed to bring a E-cigarette or E-smoker to the festival site.
But it’s not allowed to bring refills or e-liquid with you.


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