There’s an infinite amount of new things to explore on the first full festival day of our weekend experience. Previous visitors all agree: this is the perfect way to kick off your festival season! ☄️

Festival doors open 2 hours earlier at 14:00 hours!

That means 2 more hours of intergalactic harder styles entertainment on our green fields of happiness and a full festival day on Friday!

Extra area: REBORN RAW

Is RAW all you need? Don’t worry, we’re adding a dedicated new RAW Hardstyle area on Friday for unlimited kicks flying past your ears like meteors.

Extra area: REVENGE x RESiST

Do you crave the need for hyperspeed? We will also add a dedicated Hardcore & Uptempo area so you can go wild the whole weekend. This also means we have a total of 3 stages with the best hardstyle, RAW, hardcore & uptempo.

Residence Campsite opens at 11:00

When we say full festival day, we mean it. On Friday, April 14 our campsite doors open at 11:00 so you can drop your stuff, set up your tent and enter the unknown.

🛸 Camping tickets & Accommodation are available via our ticketshop!

🚀 Weekend & Day tickets are available from October 24! Pre-register for the maximum discount on our website!