Get ready to crash down on the surface of our raving planet with the first 31 acts who are there to guide you through all of the madness. Go check our website to find out on which day and stage they will be blowing your mind! 🤯


Act of Rage pres. Entourage × Act of Rage vs Rejecta × Adaro × Adaro Classics × Alleviate × Anderex vs Fraw × Angerfist LIVE × BMBERJCK vs Exproz vs Sparkz × Bulletproof vs Partyraiser ×  Crypsis Classics × Cyber × D-Block & S-te-Fan × D-Fence pres. Dopameme × Deluzion × Deluzion pres. Paranoid × Dimitri K × Fraw LIVE × Josh & Wesz Classics × Maxtreme × MC DL × MC Livid × Mutilator × Mutilator vs Warface × Noxiouz vs Satirized × Outsiders × Rejecta Reject Authority × Rosbeek × Satirized × Solstice × Sparkz × Titan Classics × Vertile

Hardstyle, RAW, Hardcore, Uptempo or harder. Whatever gets your adrenaline-filled heart pumping, we promise we got plenty of it during our full 3-day weekend experience on April 12, 13 & 14!

Secure your Camping, Weekend or Day tickets via and make sure you don’t miss any of your favourite acts!