General Information

  • When will the doors of REBiRTH Festival open?

    REBiRTH Festival Day 1, Friday 08-04-2022, 04 PM – 01 AM
    REBiRTH Festival Day 2, Saturday 09-04-2022, 12 PM – 12 AM
    REBiRTH Festival Day 3, Sunday 10-04-2022, 01 PM – 11 PM

    Please note: the entrance closes on Friday and Saturday at 10 p.m. and on Sunday at 9 p.m., after this time it is no longer possible to enter the festival.

    The Rebirth Residence campsite opens on Friday 08-04-2022 at 02 PM.

  • What is the minimum age to visit REBiRTH Festival?

    The minimum age for entrance is set down as 17. Legitimation in the form of a valid ID card, passport or driving license is compulsory. See our general conditions for more information. By visiting the Rebirth Festival you agree with our house rules.

  • Until what time is the entrance to REBiRTH Festival open?

    The entrance to REBIRTH Festival is open every day until 10 PM. After 10 PM it won’t be possible anymore to enter the festival terrain.

  • Can I leave the festival site during REBiRTH Festival?

    You can’t leave the REBiRTH Festival site during the festival to return later.

  • I lost something at REBiRTH Festival, what now?

    If you notice that you have lost something during REBiRTH Festival, report to the Lost & Found counter, which is located at the coin sale. If, after your visit, you notice that you have lost something, mail to All lost items will be brought to the city hall of Haaren a few days after the event, please contact them for your lost items.

  • In which ways can I pay at REBiRTH Festival?

    During the festival, food and drinks can only be bought with festival tokens. It’s not possible to buy food and drinks with cash. There will be cash desks in various areas at the festival site, where you can buy festival tokens with cash or a payment card (Maestro / MasterCard / VISA / Credit Card).

  • Is there a first aid station present at REBiRTH Festival?

    Yes! There is a first aid post at the festival site. Medical officers can also be found walking around the festival site. Feeling unwell? Then go to the first aid post, they will help you. If you presume someone has used too many drugs/too much alcohol then please consult someone of security, first aid or the organization.


  • Can I take my medication to the REBiRTH Festival?

    As a visitor, you are only allowed to take medication if the following conditions are met:

    • Medication must be in its original and sealed packaging and provided with the original package leaflet.
    • The use of the medication must be demonstrated by means of a statement by a doctor.
  • Can I bring sunscreen?

    Sunscreen in a tube of no more than (100 ml) is allowed.

  • Which goods can I not bring to REBiRTH Festival?

    The following is a list of prohibited items. This is a representation of a non-exhaustive list. The Organization has the right to add items which it considers necessary to guarantee the safety on the Site or Event.

    1: No provocative clothing and flags or clothing of football clubs or the like.
    2: Professional photo, film and other recording equipment and selfie-sticks
    3: Narcotics (drugs)
    4: Pets
    5: Liquids such as (aerosols with) deodorant, lighter gas and perfume
    6: Glassware, sharp objects, umbrellas, weapons, laser pens
    7: Food and drinks

  • Which goods can I bring to REBiRTH Festival?

    The visitor may only carry the following items with him for personal use once accessing the site unless otherwise stated in the house rules of the event.

    1: Medication
    2: Sunscreen in a tube of no more than (100 ml) and lip balm
    3: Mobile phone and power bank
    4: Backpack
    5: Hearing protection (earplugs)
    6: Cigarettes and lighter
    7: Keys, wallet
    8: Clothing, shoes, poncho, (sun)glasses, lenses, cap
    9: E-Smoker


  • I have purchased a ticket but have not received the ticket in my mailbox, what now?

    It is possible that your ticket has ended up in your SPAM. Please check this first, if this is not the case you can contact our ticketing partner See Tickets (formerly Paylogic). Contact See Tickets via the following website.

  • I can no longer find my tickets, what now?

    Via the “I lost my tickets” button you can have your tickets resent after you have entered your email address. We will send all valid tickets registered at this address.

  • I want to change the name on my ticket, what should I do now?

    If you need to change a name, for example, because you want to bring someone else with you or when you have bought a ticket from someone who has already personalized his or her ticket. That’s no problem. In that case there are two options:

    Option 1: Sale your tickets through Ticketswap. Rebirth Events has an ongoing cooperation with this organization.
    SecureSwap: sold tickets are exchanged for a new ticket which will directly be in the name of the new owner. The old ticket, still in the possession of the seller, will automatically become invalid. This makes it 100% safe to sell your and buy your tickets through this platform.

    Option 2: You can easily and quickly change your ticket details using the ‘Name Change Module of Paylogic’. Please note that changes cost €5,- per ticket. Transferring tickets is possible until Friday 08 April 2022 – 11:59 AM.

  • Can I upgrade my day ticket to a Weekend + Residence camping ticket?

    Yes, that’s possible, below we explain what you have to do:

    1. Buy a weekend + Residence camping ticket
    2. Go to: or get in contact via
    3. Have the order id of your day ticket and order id of the weekend + Residence camping ticket handy.
    4. An employee checks the payment and if both are paid you will be refunded the money from the day ticket.
    5. Your day ticket will be invalidated and you can now enjoy a full weekend at Rebirth Festival with your weekend + Residence camping ticket

    Pay attention!

    1. The paid service costs of your day ticket will be refunded to you
    2. The paid transaction costs of your day ticket will be refunded to you
    3. You pay € 2.95 refund costs per order
    4. A refund requires a few days processing time, depending on which bank you use it can take up to 5 days.
  • Can we upgrade our Weekend + Residence camping tickets to a friend's place?

    Yes, this is possible, send an e-mail to

  • Can I resell my REBiRTH Festival tickets?

    You may not sell a ticket with the objective of making a profit. You can of course order a ticket for your friend and sell it on at the same price.

  • What is a coin ticket?

    A Coin Ticket has the value of 15 consumption tokens. Scan your coin-ticket at the festival next to the main cash desk at the special E-Coins desk. Here you can exchange your e-ticket for tokens.

  • What is a VIP ticket?

    This year you can enjoy many extras as a REBiRTH Festival VIP. For example, there is a separate VIP entrance, you get an exclusive VIP bracelet and we’ve invested in the appearance of the VIP deck. You can also enjoy finger food, receive a welcome drink and there are VIP toilets.

  • How can I personalize my ticket?

    Sadly, ticket fraud is still all too prevalent! This is why we have chosen to personalize the entrance tickets. This means that every ticket is unique and assigned to a specific person. The main reason is to combat large-scale resale by illegal tickets sellers and award loyal buyers.

    After purchasing your ticket(s), you will receive an email from Paylogic which asks you for the personal details of each friend who joins you. You will receive your tickets by email afterwards.

    • You can personalize the tickets until Friday 08 April 2022 – 11:59 AM.
    • A valid ID card or passport is required. A copy won’t be accepted.
  • Do you have more questions about your ticket(s)?

    In the FAQ from our ticketing partner See Tickets you can find more questions and answers.

Travel / Location

  • Where can I register my bus / touringcar for REBiRTH Festival?

    If you come by bus or coach, indicate this in advance via the button below. You will receive a parking ticket and instructions for the driver from us via email. Coaches park at the Molenstraat, Helvoirt.

    PAY ATTENTION! Registration is mandatory and free of charge, unregistered buses pay €35,- on the spot.

    You can register your bus/coach later.

  • When do the shuttle buses run to REBiRTH Festival?

    This will be announced a few weeks before REBiRTH Festival.

  • Are bus trips organized by travel partners?

    Hell yes! Travel with one of our travel partners without stress to REBiRTH Festival. View all travel partners here.

  • How does a parking ticket work for the festival?

    Buy a parking ticket easily online in our ticket shop. Take this ticket to the parking where this ticket is scanned.

  • Which airport is the closest by to REBiRTH Festival?

    Are you traveling by plane to Rebirth Festival – Island of Infinity? The closest airport is Eindhoven Airport. However, the festival can also be easily reached from Schiphol (Amsterdam), Rotterdam – The Hague Airport or Zaventum (Brussels). From there you can easily travel by public transport to Oisterwijk Station where shuttle buses are waiting to take you to REBiRTH Festival. The shuttle bus times will be communicated later via our social media.